The best gifts you can give yourself are a clear mind, a joyful heart and plenty of energy. 

Together we will uncover ways to stop looking for problems, to leave the past behind, to hit pause on projecting fears into the future, and raise your vibration so that you feel UNSTOPPABLE!

I am here FOR YOU whenever you feel stuck, you need an advice or a different perspective.

Ready to turn your DREAMS into REALITY?


Whether you are going through a rough patch or a crisis, I can help. The sooner you respond to problems, the faster you and your partner will be able to get your relationship back on track.
There are many skills required in dating that will immediately take you out of the slow lane, ie: getting involved with unavailable men, time-wasters, players, scammers and men with manipulative/controlling tendencies. Women can literally spend the best years of their lives with the wrong man. This will never happen to you again. The techniques I'll teach YOU through my programs will get you out there dating high quality men and start you on the right foot for achieving a healthy, long-term relationship.
I am Certified relationship coach and I offer this service as part of my packages.


What is stopping you from living the life you deserve? From driving the car of your dreams? From traveling to the most amazing places? Are you living a life that you love? Do you want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead? Would you like to take action to transform your life?

I turned my vision board into my real life and I want to teach you how to do the same using the power of your thoughts, emotions and energy.


The purpose of the self-discovery lifepath program is specifically to help you get to know yourself better and express yourself more authentically in the world: Who are you? What do you love? What really matters to you? What do you value most about yourself? Where might you be sabotaging yourself?


Your emotional magnetism controls everything in your life. I can guide you to take charge of it to start getting what you want. And stop getting what you don’t want. Imagine what it's like when nothing pushes your buttons: you found your inner strength. Nobody knocks you off center. You laugh when others try to manipulate you. Because you're connected to a solid core inside you that won't allow yourself to be controlled by anybody.

And it was so easy to reclaim your power. Sounds like a dream? It is. But it's also a reality waiting to happen. All thanks to your emotional magnetism.


Spiritual growth is not an easy task. Our society of today is ruled by money, materialistic aspirations and brute power. Personal development means finding the right balance between our material needs on one hand and our deeper spiritual needs on the other.

I’ll teach you how to powerfully manage your energy, and create a higher vibration in your life. Providing inner development and “spiritual intelligence” for the mind, body and spirit. I’ll give you a selection of powerful techniques and tools that I've learned during my spiritual trips in the Buddhist temples of Asia, which will help you transform your life. Mindfulness is more than just a practice. It's a way of living.

Meditation is an excellent way to develop your spirituality.


We live in a society that loves achievement, qualifications, status and success. Many people work themselves extremely hard to achieve success - ignoring when their bodies and minds are telling themselves they need a break. But what's the point of success or a great career if you're always stressed and overwhelmed, and if you don't see much of your family and friends (or are grumpy/ tired when you do see them?)

Sadly, life balance and self-care are often seen as "soft” requirements - something high achievers don't (or shouldn't) need.